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!!washington's elementary concluded that last year's at the time booolet had been tampered with. >>> maryland's governor's race is still in a statistical dead heat according to he latest poll. the poll surveyed 800 likely according to them to governor o'malley would get 65% of the vote. and the ehrlich would get 55%. and among independence they're tied at 39% and 8% of the voters are still undecided. >>> stay with fox 45 morning news, with the latest in thh race for governor. go to foxxbltimore.com and click on the vote 2010 icon in the >>> fans are getting their first chance today to sse the ravens at training camp and for most thaa's all they will be able to do thanks to a new autograph policy. joel d smith is live at westminister this morring with more on the change aad other things going on at training camp. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we can finally see a littll bit of the field heree3 now. the teets are up over there, that's the area rotecting the fans from the sun. it looks real cool. we turn to cdaniel college into ravens town. you have bben here for a numberú when
? >> not much. >> 45% say maryland is moving in the right direction. 61% say there is no change in their financial situation. 32% say they are financially worse off today than they were a year ago. that third is a major factor in explaining why the race is so close. of delegates 44.7% of the vote, are like a 42.3%. in a state where democrats outnumber republicans to 200 >> polls suggest your message may not be an resonating with voters. >> the campaign has just begun. from the first days of this administration, we have focused on jobs, creating jobs, saving jobs. maryland has held onto private job base better than all and for other states in the country. >> 230,000 jobs have been lost since he took office and 3000 businesses have closed. in june, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.1% and the state has seen job growth for four straight months. but the public is not convinced that the economy is turning around. the poll finds 30% of democrats to not believe the economy will improve next year. 19% say they will vote for ehrlich. if the condemned the number to 25%, he will win. >> p
said health care reform could save maryland millions. i am michael uczyner and the if health care reform costs us. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> beautiful cooditions out there today. around baltimore. plenty of sunsh >>well, you know thh saying, sleep tight do not let the bedbugs bite. in reality, bugs are biting big time. as kathleen cairns reports, the city's 311 center has been inundated with complaints. >> crime is not the only concern in cherry hill right now. >> because of the bugs. >> they are hard to see. >> if you are asleep. they bite you. >> it is a bed bug infestation, and she has the bites to prove it. >> i have had bites o my legs. >> last yeer baltimore city health officials had 83 complaints about bedbugs. so far this year, 446 complaints. >> but just in the past year alone, we have a six fold increase. >> hhalth department s not sure why there has been a spike in ú%dbugs. but. >> let's say you went on a business trip, come back and they come back in your suitcase, block. >> bugs are not just in a bed. >> it is impprtant to be mattrees, baseboards, sofas, pict
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> it's 5:30, the pentagon is looking into who leaked military documents to the internet and then made its way to you. >> there was a water fountain in the marriott waterfront, but not on purpose. >>> and a new way to board a plane. what they are doing in houston today and whether you will like it. wait until you hear this. good morning maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. a beautiful night last night. >> everybody was outside. >> i know, walking around, sitting outside. that includes justin burke. did you do anything outside last night? >> just sitting there and breathing in that fresh air. it was so nice. as we had a drop in the humidity, that allowed the clear sky overnight. to bring our temperatures back into the 60s this morning. this afternoon, we'll get close to 90. we can't avoid having those days here in baltimore. this weekend's outlook, it's going to turn even cooler and much more pleasant. we may have turned a corner here. i think we have seen the peek of the heat and now the slow slide in the end of summer. 60
of error is 3.5 percentage points. another big election barometer is which direction voters think maryland is going. 45% it is in the red direction. what is your family's financial situation? 7% say better than a year ago. 61% say it is about the same. as for the important issues, topping the list, the economy. 52% say the economy is the most important issue. seven %, education. seven %, traffic congestion. five %, taxes. both campaigns have released statements about this poll showing o'malley ahead. from the o'malley campaign, this shows people remember his record as the biggest spender in maryland history. as far as the ehrlich campaign, it shows the negative campaigning has proven to be a tactical mistake. we expect this race to remain very close. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> sunday's storm caused a lot of damage. investigators say warren smith was on a watercraft when the storm came through. warren smith was face down in the water. officials say smith was taken to anne arundel medical center where he was pronounced dead. martin o'malley will do all he can to help those affected b
care and will be in the custody of maryland social services. >> baltimore county police need your help tonight in finding a rape suspect. police think the same man has committed the same sphere -- this series of sexual assaults and robberies since june. early saturday morning, he was somehow able to get in a home and tried to rape a woman on franklin avenue. anyone with information is urged to call baltimore county police. >> baltimore city police have arrested for juveniles accused in a rash of robberies on at the light rail which had riders on edge. >> police say the four juveniles ages 14-17 have been terrorizing passengers aboard the light rail station -- at the light rail station since may, as leader robberies'. but tonight, thanks to community involvement, all four are in jail. >> there are difference m.o's for these kids. it would walk to the light rail stop, they will also ride the trains and target victims from there. >> police from baltimore city, the county, and m.t.a. announced the arrest of four boys from the cherry hill area after several months of brazen attacks on passe
not approve. the last questions bode well for o'malley. marylanders still approve of the democrat. we will talk about some of the big issues involved in this poll. already this morning, we have had some comments from the campaign regarding this poll. bob ehrlich is stuck in the low 40's because people remember his record as a big spender. this poll is the statistical dead heat. marylanders are embracing bob ehrlich and his message of less spending. we're live on capitol hill, george lettis, is news. >> a pair of suspects are in custody in conjunction with a stabbing death of a johns hopkins researcher. john wagner and lavelva merritt are being charged with first- degree murder in the death of stephen pitcairn. he was blocks away from his home and on the phone with his mother. >> i heard somebody approach and he offered his wallet and everything, but they killed him. >> after being here for 20 years, it is just getting worse. >> police are looking into the possibility that pitcairn's death is a part of robberies in that area. there is a suspicious death in west baltimore. the body of a
are saying tonight that yet another person has died from the extreme heat. that brings the total in maryland to 17. adults -- and adults working in the yard was found on responses. that victim also suffered from heart disease. the storm is blamed on the death of an annapolis man. they were unable to make it back to shore. officials say smith was taken to the medical center where he was pronounced dead. this is a video captured by a new local member. it shows the blaze just before 3:30 this morning. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a baltimore city police tonight investigating to deadly accidents, both involving officers. the first led to the suspension of officer timothy. investigators say that officer bills chased a motorcycle on the beltway early yesterday morning. he died at the scene when both crashed. later yesterday, a woman was killed at the intersection of monroe in south baltimore. 26 year-old ran from police, but slammed into a one in and blew through a stop sign. that woman was transferred to shock trauma. she has not been identified. >> a former police officer
>>> now good morning maryland at 9:00. >> tuesday morning, 9:00. hopefully your morning is off to a good start, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm jamie costello. >> do you have ocd? >> oh yes i do. obsessive-compulsive delight. >> can you give me an example? >> i'm curious to find out if everybody has it a little bit? >> i'm thinking everybody has it, some sort, right? other people will tell you that you have it. >> yeah. you don't know it. and why do good parents have bad kids? it's a topic that we will dive into. i love this one. video gaming. it is a big industry, so don't tell your kid at home to put the controller down, because you know what? they could be sitting on something we don't know about yet. it's great. video gaming, big industry in maryland. >> that's coming up this morning, we are also going to be talking about more and more of us living longer, but not only includes the general population, but those who have physical challenges. there are some things you can do to make your home safer. perhaps a loved one who is a senior citizen. we have advice on that and
worse than one year ago. as for the important issues on the minds of the people in maryland, topping the list was no surprise, the economy. 52% said the economy is the most imports will issue. 9% said the budget deficit. 7% traffic congestion. 5% taxes. george lettuce, wbal tv 11 news. >> you can see the complete results of our website, wbaltv.com click on politics. one day after severe storms wreaked havoc on the state, governor o'malley pledged to help those affected -- unaffected. the state will offer any assistance that it can. >> any help is needed from the state in terms of additional cruise, we will do everything in our power to provide. this is hard work given the amount of lines that are down. unfortunately i -- fortunately i think that there is progress being made. >> be jeannie officials say they have listed crews from other state to restore power customers. so far they have restored power over 100,000 customers but the downed trees on power lines have slowed the progress. >> today, july 27, things are feeling pretty good in contrast to those extremely hot temperatures tha
scott, a university of maryland, university college grad. part-time ups employee. lifelong resident of largo. now charged by a prince georges grand jury in the double murder of 42-year-old delores dewitt and her daughter, ebony. >> we will be seeking life without parole. >> police say he is the suspect in the double murder of another mother and daughter, karen and karissa loften. they lived within a two mile radius of scott's home. police suspect him in the 2008 murder of marketing executive, who is described scott as a serial killer, says he is forming a task force to look at cases more than a decade old. >> by no means, i think this investigation is over with. >> i'm lindsey mastas. there are no power lines in this neighborhood, but there is also no power. >> i moved to this area, underground, it will be better. >> neighbors are baffled. >> you won't see it. >> michael maxwell is pepco's management. >> portions you may not see the wires where the damage is. everyone though our wiring is under ground, the whole neighborhood isn't and our under ground wires have to come up i
silver spring maryland jose angel aguirre univision reportado la muerte de tres personas a consecuencia del fenomeno y los danos materiales aun no han sido cuantificados, ,.. .claudia uceda tiene mas ya aun no llega la calma.... los ventarrones causaron un dano sin vecindario o salir de su barrio porque estan atrapados por los arboles no?" la falta de electricidad tambien afecto a cientos de semaforos....ocasionado asi un caos vehicular esta manana.... en esta esquina en rockville no hay luz y todos tienen prisa.... "todos quieren pasar a la misma vez y no se puede, hay problema ..." "todos los delivery que ando haciendo estan tarde so ahorita no esta muy bueno... " bridge claudia uceda y segun toda el area recupere el fluido electrico, y es que el problema son arboles gigantescos como este ....ha pasado mas de lo han recogido.... pepco ha contratado a personal extra para reparar los danos pero aclaran que no sera tarea facil ....hasta esta tarde, 90 calles aun permanecian bloqueadas por arboles caidos <
on maryland avenue police found the victim's blood on different items. >> we got some good intell and tips about where some people who may have been involved in this incident might be and we executed on it. >> reporter: right now an initial court appearance is underway for lavetra merritt. john wagner is not scheduled to go before a judge today. >> thank you. pitcairn was from florida. his mother said in a phone interview, it's hard to articulate her loss and pain. >>> an intruder who sexually assaulted a woman in woodlawn has struck again. take a look at the sketch of the man. he broke into the home of a 43- year-old woman on monica place on june 26th and sexually assaulted her. he is now being charged with an attempted rape on franklin avenue as recently as this past saturday. >>> an update to the qater like that forced nearly a thousand guests out of a hotel. crews continue to clean up the marriott waterfront hotel. yesterday about 900 guests were bussed to various hotels across the city. the hotel hopes to reopen sometime today. >>> today the national transportation safety board will g
crews are still working to restore power to thousands of maryland homes. about 116,000 homes in montgomery county, plus 20,000 in prince george's county are without electricity. another 1,000 homes are still awaiting for the ac to come back on in anne arundel county. >>> just hours ago at the start of the business day in london, bp announced tony hayward will be stepping down. the last day will be october the 1st. he will get a new job in russia and will be replaced by american robert dudley, a mississippi native who is in charge of the cleanup. at 6:30, bp will talk about how it has impacted the earnings. >>> another disappointing loss for the orioles. three home runs last night, including this one by jose bautista. the birds are now winless in 10 games against the blue jays. >>> the ravens top draft pick sergio kindle will miss all of training camp after falling down two flights of stairs. it's unclear whether he will get to play at all this season. the rookies reported yesterday. the defensive tackle showed up early, coming off of surgery on his chest. he said he's ready.
complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> blamed and threatened for the gulf oil spill, bp's ceo steps aside >> who is the company's new leader and how it will affect the cleanup. >> i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kye jackson here's what people will be talking about >>> he became the one to pass the blame of the worst environmental disaster. the look at the oil well that caused the disaster. tony hayward's announcement comes on the same day that bp posted their losses >> reporter: america getting ready to take the reigns as they promise they will make things right in the gulf >> spent the last three months on the coast and i will focus on the relationships and in washington >> reporter: the oil giant's first non-british ceo stood with tony hayward. he took over the response to the spill last month and the effort is about to enter a critical phase. they plan to pump mud and cement through the cap on the well to start the static kill. gulf coast residents are hopeful it will be seal perm independently and the gulf c cleaned up >> he knows the coast real well, i think it's
the officers will be sworn maryland special police officers with the ability to make arrests and use force when necessary. the school says it's is only program of its kind in this state. >>> baltimore city police want to know why an officer ignored an order to stop a high speed chase that left a man dead. nine-year veteran officer timothy bale is suspended while the department investigates the incident from over the weekend. officials say bale spotted a motorcycle driven by haynes hal oh way listed and began pursuing him. he was told over his radio to end the chase but apparently did not. he ended up hitting the motorcycle near the delaney valley road exit on 695 killing will eye stop, late today state police got a warrant to comb over both the motorcycle and bale's vehicle. >> baltimore county firefighters believe that a faulty water heater is to blame for a fire that hit several homes in a dunn doc neighborhood. the people living in the three homes made it out alive thanks to buddy. a 5-year-old german sheppard. she is credited with barking to alert neighbors to the flame the homeowner kim ro
jury has indicted a 27-year-old maryland man who police say is a serial killer. former ups worker jason thomas scott of upper marlboro is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the march 2009 slayings of nurse dolores dewit and her 20-year-old daughter ebony who was a student. >>> on the weather front today, it was a warm one this afternoon. temperatures into the mid and upper 80s but very average for this time of year. finally, a day where temperatures are just about average. 87 at the inner harbor. 84 from annapolis and 84 from cambridge. so these are the numbers now and they were only two or three degrees warmer earlier this afternoon. humidity, dew points in the mid-60s. that is relatively humid but not oppressive. the green shaded area is the more oppressive humidity. still bottled up just to our south. generally cloudy through the day but we had nice clearing in the last hour or so. 80s, variably cloudy. tonight staying warm. but much warmer and more humid the next two days and then as we go into the weekend things actually getting much more pleasant. we'll have that in
to get out and clarify who he s. >> reporter: so far, they are focused on the economy. 52% of marylanders surveyed called it a big issue. >> the fact is, what the governor can do is practically nothing. >> reporter: o'malley leads in the suburbs. ehrlich leads everywhere else. but only by 50% in the suburbs. and it's even closer on shore. we asked each candidate about that at a campaign stop in chrisfield last week. >> governor ehrlich's support is not as strong as previous republicans. is that something you can capitalize on? >> we're campaigning all over the state. every single person is important. >> martin o'malley is not what they want on the shore particularly. we feel really good about the shore, about turnout. people are excited. >> reporter: and police cal ex- - political experts say both of the candidates should be reaching out to those undecided voters and trying to fire up their party bases. the one who tries to do it best will be the likely winner. >> less than 100 days. we'll be on it. stay with wjz for 2010 campaign coverage. for the latest on information, log onto wjz.com.
on maryland avenue, where they found the victim's blood on a door and on shoes. the victim's wallet, his iphone and several folding and fixed blade knives. back at the memorial, the victim's friend wrote of their love for him, of their pain now, how they'll never forget him, and their desire to make sure justice is served. >>> and another live look here, pit-karen's mom said that she urged him to take a cab. but he loved to walk. she said the voice that she heard that was most aggressive on the phone was the man's voice. reporting live in charles village, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. >>> wagner did not appear in court today, but remains behind bars at this hour. >>> a popular baltimore hotel remains closed after a pipe burst, forcing an evacuation. a live look from the marriott from sky eye chopper 13. vic is in the newsroom with the latest. >>> the cleanup continues after the water leak forced nearly 1,000 guests at the hotel last night. the hotel was nearly at capacity. it happened on the fourth floor stairwell, and fled the hotel from the fourth f
at the maryland science center. very comfortable conditions on this tuesday morning. it feels a little crisp out there, especially away from the city. 61 degrees in york, pennsylvania. mid 60's's in westminster. it will be a nice day today. high temperatures in the upper 80's to around 90. pretty nice for this time of year. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. for now, to the news desk. >> a virginia community is in mourning after the deaths of two firefighters. the truck was involved in a chain reaction accident. the truck struck an suv and flipped over and landed on a mustang convertible. the reports of anyone else being heard in that accident. >> closing arguments were held yesterday in the rod blagojevich trial. it was not a smoothed day. blagojevich left the court room all smiles, waving to well- wishers. in court, sam adams told the judge he was going to mention witnesses had not called even though the judge had warns against it. he said he would be willing to chargesntempt of court ca if the judge did not change his mind. erin andrews was a stalking victim
. >>> hundreds of thousands of marylanders are still without power tonight following those powerful storms that hit the region. derek valcourt reports, the weather is also moving to be deadly. >> reporter: places like montgomery county were hit hard. >> kind of blew from out of nowhere. i didn't see any funnel clouds or anything, but as bad a wind as we could get around here. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: bob cohan ran for cover as trees snapped all around this house. this strong stone chimney kept a massive splinter tree from crashing the house. but in prince george's county a fallen tree did crash this mini van killing one woman. >> i was told that a tree fell down as the car was coming through. >> medics had to rush a second woman inside a mini van to the hospital. many boaters also caught by surprise. d & r police blame the storm for the death of a 63-year-old jet skier. and at the coast guard, they took 37 distressed call. dispatching rescue crews to help a total of 37 people out in the water. >> we had many that were very stressed out. were have worried about their seupgs. --
you to maryland. 270 southbound, volume is building around germantown road. overall okay to the split. wrapping up with the maps, route 4, 301, route 5, branch avenue, everything is in the clear out here. >>> at the top of the hour we bring you the latest on our deadly summer storm. the cleanup will take a while. pepco is getting help in utility crews from out of town. they are working around the clock to get electricity restored. at last check, 147,000 people without power this morning. the areas most affected rockville, gaithersburg and aspen hill. people in the seven springs apartment complex in college park are out of their homes. the storm damaged the roof on one building and residents tell us the management company isn't helping out. >> at last check 200 traffic lights in montgomery couldn't remain dark. crews are trying to restore those. crews from out of he region are heading in to help the power get back on fast. montgomery county fairgrounds is the staging area for those crews. how is it looking? >> pretty quiet but it will pick up shortly. right now we have 3550 power crews
than usual. on the capital beltway in maryland, things are filling out around the georgia avenue exit. overall not really many problems. 95 an the bw parkway, also smooth sailing and nice and green out of baltimore to 495. this is an eyesore. 66 eastbound early morning issues. jammed from 123 to the capital beltway. at least a 20 minute drive right now and this is partly due to lingering construction. finally a look at the travel times, 267 the toll road, eastbound seven minutes is what it is taking to get from 674 to the beltway. seven minutes on dc 295 to the 11th street bridge. traveling the outer loop from van doren to the wilson bridge is only taking you about seven. back to you. >>> in the living well segment, childhood cancer survivors may be at risk for heart disease later in life. researchers studied 600 kids treated with therapies that could potentially hurt the heart an they found out after 15 years 27% developed cardiac problems. >>> a new study found people who use the internet to help lose weight tend to be more success. they followed 1600 people. those that logged on to
pleasant backup friday, saturday, and sunday. maryland's most powerful radar, we are currently dry. a quiet weather pattern dropped us to 67 here in baltimore. 64 in easten, and a look up to our north, yorkpa at 59. i didn't think i would ever see that number again. wow. looking at temperatures up near 90 this afternoon for our 2- degree guarantee. we should stay dry. it's 6:30, let's see what is happening on the roads. >> we are fairly quiet traffic wise as you head out towards those big interstate, 695, 95, vw parkway, all checking in without any problems. as we look at our cameras, traffic moving very nicely. starting to build in some spots. that's the outer loop. still moving just a little bit sluggish, but you aren't going to encounter too many issues. same thing, usual amount of minor delays as you approach i- 70. looking good as you head towards the 83. as we peek right now at our maps, we are working one crash this morning on route 50 eastbound, getting on that ramp. also on richy highway and moore road, that's down in arnold. the right lane and shoulder are blocked in both directi
cooler. starting friday marylanders can apply for a $500 rebate on energy-efficient models. people replacing old appliances will also be able to apply for rebates. >>> a shocking revelation about credit card fees and rewards programs. turns out they act as a transfer of wealth from poor to rich. according to a federal reserve bank from boston study, about 83% of bank's revenue from credit card fees is actually obtained from cash payers and disproportionately from low-income cash payers. after accounting for rewards paid by banks households who earn more than $150,000 a year get a subsidy of about $756 on average per year. households earning $20,000 or less actually have to pay $23 a year. >>> continental airlines is testing out self-boarding at houston's intercontinental airport. passengers swiped their boarding passes at the gate which opens a turnstile to the jet bridge. an agent will be on hand to handle problems or other customer service needs. >>> in democracy 2010 tonight -- the race for governor of maryland is getting tight. governor martin o'malley and former governor bob
to safety. >>> a maryland woman is among the storm's victims. one minute michelle humanick was driving through college park. the next this beloved mother and wife was dead, killed instantly when a tree land on her van crushing her. both parker shows us her life and her death. >> reporter: just look at a picture of michelle humanick, and you get a sense of how happy she was. those lucky enough to have known her can tell you much more. >> we talk about our kids, and -- and that's what i remember about her, is how kind she was, and how generous, and how active she was in her community. >> reporter: it was in that community college park where humanick died yesterday, when the storm roared through a tree fell on her van. >> i was very shocked, along with the rest of our neighborhood, to find out what happened. because it's very senseless. and very tragic. but i hope that everyone comes together and lets her children and her husband know how much, you know, how much we respected and valued her, and you know, and family was the center of her life. >> reporter: neighbors shirley and la reel mo
that happened last month. >>> there's a new poll out on the governor's race in maryland. it says the race is very tight. here's the numbers from gonzalez research -- >>> police are investigating a disturbing hate crime that happened in our area. vandals targeted a synagogue and two local homes with anti- semitic graffiti. vandals targeted the synagogue in olney and two nearby homes last night. an army of 200 volunteers had already scrubbed the swastikas and other graffiti off the walls, but the bad feelings remain. when i got here it was horrible. >> they have installed a security camera on the building and neighbors say other synagogues have reached out and offered support. police will looking for suspects. >>> the northern virginia man accused of trying to join a somali terror group remains in jail this afternoon a federal judge rejected bond yesterday for zachary chesser. prosecutors say that he offered to work for the fbi if he would be allowed to go to africa. 20-year-old chesser is a graduate of oakton high school in virginia. >>> it is the end of an era for legendary pizza place. t
near camden yards. no word on how the man died. >> maryland natural resources police say annapolis man died after cauggt on a personal water craft during the storms last night. officials say 63-year-old warren smiih and another man weer riding two personal water craft near the bay bridge when the storm blew in. the men were unable to reach the shore at sandy point state park. second man was kicked off the craft. that man was able to get back o3 his craft, but smith was found floating face down in the water. >> last night's violent storms also caused damage across the state including prince george's county. where a tree fell on a mini van killing a woman. 44-year-old michele hue manck killed. friends remember her as a generous person. >> she came over and gave meea favorite blanket as a gift. that meant a lot to me. because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave it to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous and kind. and a good person. -> 64-year-old woman was also inside of the car, she was taken to an area hospital. no word on her condition. >> the weekend torms allo
of maryland. >> we need the extreme makeover team in here. as part of the ground breaking, a tree was planted in honor of jayden. >>> a second train fatality. a man was found dead on the track at the boyd's train station around 8:15 last night. witnesses say that he was struck by a train. on sunday afternoon, officials found a man's body near the kensington mark station. >>> police are searching for two suspects in the abduction of a woman from her home. officers found shari ann yesterday afternoon. they also nabbed the suspect 26- year-old roy thomas. he's one of three men accused in the crime. the three suspects were involved in an altercation at sherry lane's home early yesterday morning, in which lane was taken from the home. >>> it's 5:05, in our democracy 2010 report, you know this is going to come right down to the wire. a new gonzales poll is out showing martin o'malley. if you take in the margin of error, it's a toss up. gonzalez called registered voters who are most likely to vote in november. the poll was conducted two months ago. both candidates have a chance to win this thing in
the thunderstorms develop. quickly became severe over western maryland. now, as these storms started to move closer to us, we had some winds upwards of 3-5,000 feet. the winds rushed down to the ground, pushed this storm out. and as that storm pushes out, you get gusty winds that emanate from that and that was the wind gusts of 60-75 miles an hour and some little pockets of winds upwards of 80-90 miles an hour. now, with the tornadic situation possibly comes in is you push out the center of the storm and it becomes a bow echo. it looks like the bow from a bow and arrow. sometimes you can get some spinups and maybe that's where a weak tornado like structure happens. that did not happen here. >> all right, devon. >>> as tough as it is to lose your power for days, one group of residents may well be about to lose their homes because of the storm. their building was so badly damage, the owner is kicking everybody out permanently. brittany morehouse spoke with some of the tenants and joins us live. brittany. >> reporter: well, anita, the owner may be legally okay to do this, but the residents here they l
and kristen fisher tagged along with one crew in kensington, maryland. >> this is just one of the many crews from out of town working to restore power across the dc area. residents up and down this street say they are a welcomed sight after two days with no power. except for one very young resident. >> what has it been like these past few days without power? >> pretty fun, actually. i like that it's easier to scare my sister and brother because she'll die. >> ten-year-old jennifer is in no hurry to see crews remove this massive tree and restore power to his home. >> the wire yesterday and when the electricity went through, it was like fireworks. >> jonathan's dad is tired of being one of the 100,000 montgomery county residents still without power. >> did i miss my e-mail connections and the telephone. >> there's a solid chance that this family will be back online today, now that the cavalry arrived. 350 power crews from as far away as ohio rolled out of the montgomery county fair grounds early tuesday morning. they will be working around the clock until all of pepco's customers are ba
today. >>> there is some good news for maryland residents. water restrictions for montgomery and prince georges counties were finally lifted last night. the storm knocked out power to the plant in potomac for 12 hours. it took several hours to get the plant back online. >> that was the good news. bad news, power outages are affecting many montgomery schools this morning. 59 buildings are still without power. there will be no summer classes, summer camps, recreation programs or meal programs at those buildings today. for an updated list visit the montgomery county school system's website. >>> stay with us throughout the morning for the latest power outage numbers and how it will affect your commute. you can find the latest information at nbcwashington.com. >>> today we may learn what caused the deadliest crash in metro history. national transportation safety board is meeting with investigators before holding a final vote on the probable cause of the redline crash. the boorld issue recommendations on how metro can avoid a similar tragedy in the future. last june, nine people were killed w
used by bradley manning, a 22-year-old from potomac maryland. . >>> we have much more ahead on the wiki leaks controversy. just after 7:30, we'll talk with military analysts with fox news about what kind of danger the leak could present. >>> a lot of people feeling the effects of the storm this morning. if your home or property has been damaged, how do you go about handling the insurance claims? how do you better prepare incase something like this happens to you in the future? >>> as we head to break, a live look outside right now, 270 at montrose. we'll get the latest weather and traffic for you coming up next. it's 9 minutes after 7:00. ecic >>> making headlines this morning, the washington interfaith network is planning to put jobs in neighborhood investment first. hundreds of groups packed the asbury united methodist church pressing candidates to make jobs their number one issue if elected. >> need to support our people so they have the skills to be able to qualify for jobs in the district of columbia and be able to get those jobs. >> the last four years are a demonstration of sever
poll shows the maryland governor's race is a dead heat. it was released this morning by gonzalez research and marketing strategies. according to the >>> in the news now, a franklin county man will only spend a year in jail for shooting and killing a college student. he pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter, trespassing and two weapons charges. prosecutors say last november he mistook jessica goode and regis berne for deer near the campus. goode died after being shot in the chest. the judge sentenced him to eight years and suspended all but one year. >>> two rocky mountain virginia firefighters are dead after they got in to an accident in their fire truck. it happened on monday. the truck was on the way to a house fire in pen hook when it hit an suv and rolled over before landing on top of another car. no one else was hurt in the crash. the cause is under investigation. >>> b.p. says tony hayward will step down as ceo on october 1st. the oil company said the decision was made by mutual agreement. hayward will remain on the board until november and be replaced by bob dudley.
to solve the dewitt case. the demay have been a break in in maryland. the atf investigated that and they got jason scott locked up on federal charges, gun charges and carjacking. they then passed along information to the brilliance george county detectives working the dewitt case and police say that in jason scott's home, they found the fruits of his other crimes. now, scott is still in jail. he has been there for quite a while. he is expected to be arraigned in the next few days on the dewitt murders. back into you, brian. >>> tens of thousands are without power right now. you have probably seen this around town. traffic troubles everywhere. officers are out directing intersections. that one there is good hope road and investigate avenue in silver springs. two days after the storms, trees are causing problems with the power lines. these wires started smoking around 7:30 this morning in silver spring. restoring the power from these severe storms is still a huge challenge. pepco dispatching crews from delaware, pennsylvania and ohio to help clear debris. fox 5 audrey barnes
, maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey, do have a couple of showers and storms down into southern virginia, most of the active weather now is being held just south of us down into maim north carolina. big storms firing here all the way toward the charleston area. this is really a disturbance riding along that same frontal boundary that came through us sunday. triggering severe storms here. still keeping the hottest and most humid air bottled up south of us as an area of high pressure sits on top of baltimore, on top of maryland. normally we might expect clear skies above a high centered over us like this, but it's kind of a dirty high wrapping mid-level moisture in. as we look further south here you can see that the cloud cover spinning up, that is going to continue overnight into the day tomorrow. generally partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. and a chance for a pop-up shower or storm late in the afternoon tomorrow. even tomorrow evening, but the better chance will come with the passing of the next cold front. probably about thursday afternoon. not a ton of rain with this but there will
jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. who's side he's on. >> e long wait is over. ravens fans, bright and early this morninggthey hit the practice field. rookies and selected veterans. the rest follow suit later this week. kristin joins us live with more on the first workout with rockies and selected veterans. >> thanks. yyah, the ravens started today'ú practice with 10 players on the physically unable to pprform on pop llst. familiar names, web, washington, proteinen, all those recovering from -- brendan, all those recovering from injuries, safety -d reid was in aatendance. he did not practice but was doing drills on the side lines. one surprising name that was on the list was rocky nose tackle terrence ody. >> he was unable to practice after e didn't pass his test. one day after he signe
have seen for this line. we see these lines come through from frederick, maryland, into northwest washington. 78 degrees at fort university. dewpoint is 63 -- what a difference. look at the temperatures -- 78 degrees at howard university. look at the temperatures are around the country. our high temperature is only 88 degrees. the record is 103 in 1930. that was the month we had six 100 degree-days. 70's in the area. the dewpoint, what a difference. there is that line pushed to our south. i want to show you the doppler radar, because this was going back into the record books. this is from our colleagues that surveyed the damage. there was that line coming through at 4:00 in the afternoon. look in front of it -- in charles county and prince george's county. this is what is called the outflow boundary, strong winds coming through. thunderstorms and the winds were picking up debris, leaves and insects from around washington, and the radar picked up that boundary. sometimes we can see a lot of things besides rain in the super doppler. so, as we go through tonight, we will continue to
by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> good morning, it's 6:22 and we are taking a look at a decent forecast here as high temperatures will be climbing only into the lower 90s the next couple of days. that's actually a good thing. pleasant start to this morning, but we'll introduce more clouds this afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s overnight. isolated thunderstorm at 91. better chance of storms on thursday at 92. by friday, we'll drop into the mid and upper 80s. we'll actually be dry and nice. all right, let's see what is happening on the roads at 6:23. hopefully the traffic is flowing just as well as this forecast. here is kim. >> the traffic is flowing pretty well. we have reports of an accident in anne arundel county. 50 eastbound on the ramp, you will see police out there on the scene. also a disabled vehicle reported northbound at the fort mchenry toll plaza, blocking one of the toll lanes. northbound 95, ten minutes from route 100 up to 395. 29 southbound flowing nicely. nine minute trip between i-70 to route 32. on the outer loop, six minutes this morning fr
not expect things to be much better on river road into bethesda and connecticut avenue both in maryland and into the northwest part of the district. it just doesn't look very good at this point. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. >>> the storms also had deadly consequences. the weather is blamed for knocking down a tree that slammed into a minivan in college park yesterday. police say the driver, 44-year-old michelle humanic was killed. her mother-in-law was also in that van. she was injured and taken to the hospital. >>> police in maryland say annapolis resident warren douglas smith was killed on the water yesterday. he got caught in the height of the storm while riding a personal watercraft near the bay bridge. smith was 63 years old. >>> and in virginia, the loudon county sheriff's office says the tree limb struck 6-year-old eric lawson in sterling. it happened while he was walking near a park with his family about 3:15 yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >>> the water restrictions from montgomery and prince george's county have finally been lifted. they
, there it is in the 70s in western maryland and in much of west virginia. now, the dryer air that was with us yesterday and throughout much of the day is beginning to move off the atlantic seaboard. as it does, we have had increasing humidity and the circulation around that shifting our winds into the south and southeast will increase the humidity later today. already, we are getting a few showers as far north as charlottesville. they may creep a little farther north and to the west of washington. a slight chance of isolated storm. otherwise, partly cloudy and highs near 90. a little more humid today and more tomorrow. we will look at the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> okay, tom. thanks very much. >>> right now, a meeting on the final report of the deadliest metro crash underway. last june, nine people died in the red line accident. today, 13 months later, the national transportation safety board is expected to take a final vote on the probable cause of that crash. news 4's tracee wilkins is live in southwest and has more for us now. tracy rs good morning. >> good morning, barbara. i sat i
in as far away from ohio, pennsylvania, delaware and right here in maryland. >> they're going to start moving across the area. they'll be going with tree trimmers as necessary. going into the areas from montgomery county, also the district of columbia and prince georges county. even though we're staged here, we'll stretch across the entire pepco footprint. >> reporter: pepco expects most of those people to have their power back on today or tomorrow. they're also sticking to the timeline, they expect everyone to have their power restored by thursday. back to you, tony and allison? >> sarah, thank you so much. >>> montgomery county schools are still dealing with weather related closings. the power is still out at 59 montgomery county schools. summer school programs, camps, recreation programs and meals are all cancelled today at those 59 schools. you can find a link to a complete list the schools affected on myfoxdc.com under web links. we want to let you know, ivy mount school in rockville has been opened today. it is open today, however montgomery county parents will be required to tra
worked at the university of maryland for many years before leeing to stay at home with her kids. neighbors remember her telling them that she was adopted and they were looking forward to adopting two of their own. they did adopt two daughters. >> she was very excited and she treat the children so well. >> we would talk about our kids and that is what i remember about her is how kind she was and how generous and how active she was in her community. >> she worked on the college park recreation board and she also created a neighborhood watch site. >>> can you log on to our web site if everything you need to know about the storms from information on power outages to pictures of the damage. also, we have tips there on how to keep your food fresh. check out myfoxdc.com. >>> other headlines, we'll find out more about last june's deadly metro accident later today when the ntsb releases its official report on the red line crash that killed nine people. metro is putting aside $30 million over three years to meet the ntsb recommendation. officials admit m
see the satellite-radar showing just awe few high clouds there streaming across northern maryland at this hour. no rain, no thunderstorm activity in today's forecast. here is your planner for today. 90 in washington. 88 in leonardtown. 89 in the shan stilly. fredericksburg, 91-degree. still, not bad when you remember we were near 100 a couple of days ago. >> i would like to forget. thank you. >>> julie wright is back from her vacation to keep an eye on the roads for us today and first of all, welcome back. >> thank you. >> secondly, still lots of issues with traffic lights that are not working. >> you know, you walk into the dark when you get home and you are not sure what to expect. that is what we're dealing with again today and for a lot of folks waking up in the dark with no ac. not a fun way to start your day. we have a number of traffic lights that are dark right now. you will find a number of the signals that remain dark. if you come up to a traffic light where the signal is not working, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. lane are the capital beltway but you are in th
. coming up, a new poll since light on the governor's race in maryland. >> and details about president obama's next fundraising spree. >> an update >>> in our top stories at 6:44 on this tuesday, the white house is calling the clleak of afghan war documents alarming. "wikileaks" posted 90,000 documents on the website. it threatens to create deeper doubts about the war at thhome. >>> the u.s. is participating in military maneuvers along with south korea after the sinking of the south korean war ship by north korea in march in which 46 sailors were killed. >>> one of two sailors missing in afghanistan since last week is confirmed dead. the body has been recovered. a colorado legislators said the sale was his wife's nephew, 30- year-old justin mcnelly. the search is on for the other sailors. >>> the national transportation safety board plans to release its final report on the june, 2009 crash that killed nine people. pamela brown is live with more. good morning. >> good morning. the findings that will be released today are expected to go beyond a typical ntsb report. ntsb investigators ar
predict many more. >> jason scott, a university of maryland, university college grad. part-time ups employee. lifelong resident of largo. now charged bay prince georges county grand jury in the march 2009 double murder. a 42-year-old delores dew wit and her 16-year-old daughter, ebony. whose bodies were found in a burning car near their home. the cause of death, asphyxiation. >> i don't think the death penalty is available to us under maryland state law. we'll be seeking life without parole. >> police say he's also the suspect in the double murder of another mother and daughter. shot by an intruder in their home january of 2009. the vic tipples of the mother, daughter murders lived within a two mile radius of scott's home. police also suspect him in the 2008 murder of marketing executive, vilma butler, who was found shot to death in the home she shared with her daughter. >> been formerly contacted by a number of other police departments. >> the police chief who described scott as a serial killer, says he is forming a task force to look at cases more than a decade old. >> we hop
in an apartment complex on colorado avenue [unintelligible] thousands across the district and in maryland still dealing with damage. >> nauseous, dizzy, anxious. >> that is how they felt after exposure to carbon monoxide from a power generator. they were without electricity. >> i was trying to help them out, try to save some money to not have to throw all the food away. >> many are running generators to try to keep things going. there are concerns that outages could mean bigger safed -- bigger health and safety issues. on georgia avenue the district has set up their mobile command center at the recreation center. members from the human services department are there as well as members of the red cross to help people if they need anything. and another thing, pepco has crews coming from out of town, about 350 crews expected to be in this morning to be on the ground to get power restored as fast as possible. courtney robinson reporting from northwest. >>> the local death toll from the storm is 3. a 62-road warren smith died of injuries he suffered while using the personal watercraft during the sto
is a bright young college grad pursuing a masters in computer science. maryland authorities say he is also a stone cold killer. >> today a prince george's county grand jury returned a seven-count indictment against jason scott. >> reporter: scott was charged with murdering delores dewitt, a nurse, and her 20-year-old daughter ebony in march of 2009. >> she was a beautiful person, had a beautiful spirit. >> reporter: their charred bodies were found in a stolen car that had been set on fire. just months earlier, less than a mile from the dewitt murders, police believe that scott disarmed the security system at this home and then shot another nurse, karen lofton, as she hid in a corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as she tried to dial 911. authorities believe scott, a ups employee, used his access working in a package sorting facility fo find his victims' addresses. >> his employment is a core piece of this investigation. it's going to be very critical as to how the victims and everyone was identified. >> reporter: it's unclear why he killed these women, or if he was targetin
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